Research Methodology Workshorp

Research ParadigmsObjectivesProposalMethods

Course Contents

  • Research Paradigms: Ontology, Epestimology and Methodology

  • Research Question, Aim, and Objectives

  • Knowledge Gap

  • Framework, Conceptual Framework, Theoretical Framework

  • Interpretive (Qualitative) Research Methodologies

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  • Pragmatic Research Methods

  • Case Study Research

  • PhD/MPhil Research Proposal

  • Thesis Structure: Positivist Research (Quantitative)

  • Thesis Structure: Interpretive Research (Qualitative)

  • Contributions to knowledge: Writing Discussion and Conlclusion Chapter

Benefits & Perks:

  • Free Book

  • A training certificate from IBIS Research (24 Credit Hours)

  • A printed certificate sent to your address by mail

  • Applications to understand academic writing

  • Open discussion forums throughout the training program on Telegram and Facebook

  • Free consultations from the British IBIS Consultancy firm

  • Training videos will be available for 1 year

  • A training package including all topics discussed throughout training

  • 20% discount on future subscriptions for 1 year

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